PumpWorks Industrial

PumpWorks Industrial manufacturers a wide variety of centrifugal process pumps exceeding ANSI B73.1 and other standards for the Chemical and Petrochemical, Pulp and Paper, Food and Beverage, Oil and Gas, Mining, Power Generation, Waste Treatment and General Industrial industries. Teamed with PumpWorks610 and a vast distribution network of DXP Enterprises, the highly experienced staff stands ready to provide the very best quality, price and delivery-meeting your exact specification needs, each and every time.

Process Pump Types:

ANSI Horizontal Pump
ANSI B73.1 single stage, back pull out, end suction process pump with high strength carbon steel, as standard and numerous other ANSI designated materials of construction, mechanical seal and seal system configurations and many optional specification selections.
Model PWA
ANSI Horizontal Low Flow Pump
ANSI B73.1 single stage, back pull out, end suction process with all the features of the PWA pump, designed with open radial vane impeller and circular casing to insure reliable operation at low flow conditions.
Model PWA-LF
Horizontal Self Primer Pump
Single stage, end suction pump, back pull out with standard ANSI PWA power frames. The casing is design for full liquid retention insuring a fully primed pumping chamber at start up. Material of construction include, as standard, high strength carbon steel liquid end with various more noble alloy construction.
Model PWA-SP

ANSI In-Line Process Pump
High strength Carbon Steel,liquid end and motor support material,additional casing thickness and greased lubricated bearing are just few,no charge features considered extra from other manufacturers.
Model PWA-IL

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