ANSI In-Line Process Pump–
Model PWA-IL

  • ANSI B73.2 In-line process pump. Space saving configuration, lower overall installation cost compared to baseplate mounted pumps.
  • High strength carbon steel liquid end provided as standard. We also offer a broad range of corrosive resistant alloy materials – from 316ss to Titanium.
  • Rigid heavy duty shaft and bearing system design, exceeding ANSI B73.2 bearing life specifications. 316 LSS shaft material is standard.
  • 5 year unconditional bearing frame warranty is standard with every product.
  • Superior high strength carbon steel motor support with machined registered fit, accommodates vertical C-face NEMA electric motors. Optional carbon steel motor support is available to accommodate IEC motors. Simplifies field installation.

PWA-IL ANSI B73.2 is designed, built and tested in the USA to ANSI and ISO exacting standards, while enhancing the typical design to the next level of reliability. High strength Carbon Steel liquid end and motor support material, additional casing thickness and greased lubricated bearings are just a few, no charge features considered extra from other manufacturers. Backed with fully staffed professional sales and service teams and strategically located inventory throughout the Northern Hemisphere, insures consistent, rapid shipment tailored to customer specification requirements.

Typical Industries and Applications

  • Chemical/Petrochemical
    – Caustic/Acidic Processing
    – Chemical injection
    – Abrasive/corrosive liquid transfer
    – Water transfer
    – Waste Processing
  • Pulp and Paper
    – Chemical injection/mixing
    – Water transfer
    – Bleach feed
    – Liquor transfer
    – Blending – Wash cycle
  • Food and Beverage
    – Plant wash down
    – Water transfer
    – Pre sanitary liquid transfer
  • Oil and Gas
    – Produced water transfer/disposal
    – Water supply and transfer
    – Waste treatment
  • Primary Metals Manufacturing
    – Descaling
    – Water transfer
    – Cutting fluid circulation
    – Plating , galvanizing and etching
    – Mining
    – Dewatering and Water supply
    – Acid leaching
  • Power Generation
    – General service water
    – Waste water transfer
    – Auxiliary liquid transfer
  • Waste Treatment
    – Sewage treatment
    – Water Supply and Distribution
    – Desalination
  • General Industrial
    – HVAC
    – Erosive and corrosive liquid transfer
    – Water supply and storage
    – Original Equipment Manufacturing  liquid circulation and transfer
    – Fuel transfer
    – Glycol feed/transfer



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