ANSI Process Pumps Test Facility

At PumpWorks Industrial, our test facility is fully equipped with precision flow, vibration, torque, temperature, pressure and speed measuring devices to accurately test our full range of products. Calibrated torque couplings provide data to accurately calculate horsepower and efficiency. Flow is measured by one of three calibrated magnetic flow meters installed in dedicated metering runs, while calibrated electronic sensors measure pressure in metering spools connected to the suction and discharge nozzles of the pump.

A Five (5) point vibration spectrum analysis is performed on every pump to ensure that the pump operates smoothly and within Hydraulic Institute vibration acceptance criteria throughout its entire operating range.

The test stand is capable of roller bearing temperature measurement to 100o C (212 o F)

On-site electronic meteorological grade barometer and a vacuum pump are utilized to accurately calculate NPSHr.

PumpWorks Industrial test procedures are based on American Petroleum Institute (API) and Hydraulic Institute (HI) criteria. Test standards can be modified to meet specific customer requirements as needed.

Data Acquisition and Comprehensive ANSI Pump Performance reports are prepared per PumpWorks proprietary pump test software. This custom-designed Automated Pump Test Software (APTS) allows all pumping system parameters to be monitored and controlled from a central control station. PumpWorks Industrial APTS provides precise system control to achieve and maintain specific operating conditions so that data from precision electronic sensors can be collected and recorded for use in verifying ANSI pump performance. The PumpWorks Industrial Test Facility is a “for hire” facility. If you’re not sure your ANSI pump is performing correctly, contract with PumpWorks Industrial to test your pump.

  • Test flows up to 7,500 GPM
  • Discharge test pressures up to 740 PSI
  • Supply tank rated from full vacuum to 65 psi
  • 460 volt through 500 HP, 3600 RPM
  • Calibrated flow, pressure vibration, torque, temperature and speed measuring equipment
  • Utilize 460 volt VFD’s to achieve precise pump speed up to 500 HP
  • Test motors through 500 HP
  • Calibrated magnetic flow meters 2”, 6” and 10”
  • Calibrated torque couplings provide data to calculate brake horsepower and efficiency
  • 1000 Nm torque measurement
  • Full Performance Testing per ASME B73.1 and Hydraulic Institute criteria


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